Business Planning

MA Small Business LoansMany winning businesses owe part of their success to proper planning. That’s why SEED has put together it’s Business Plan Booklet. The booklet is essentially a workbook, which is set up in a question and answer format to assist you in thinking through the various aspects of your business and planning for its viability and success. Please feel free to use it as an outline for your own narrative or simply fill in the answers as a practice.  As part of SEED’s loan application, a business plan is required for all businesses in existence less than one year or those which have not yet reached break even.

(Please save a blank copy of the Business Plan Booklet to your desktop before filling out electronically).

Getting More Help

SEED Corporation can help you put together your business plan. Our loan officers can answer many of your questions or refer you to other resources and professionals who can meet your particular needs. You can also get help from:

  • SEED Corp. Partners – Please review the list of SEED Resource Partners for information about several organizations that specialize in assisting small businesses.

For more information, please contact SEED Corp.


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