Small Business Spotlight

Leaf Boutique ∙ 154 Copeland Street, Mansfield, MA

$60,000: Commercial Real Estate Purchase  ∙  Job Creation: 3
SEED Lender: Lisa Holmes  ∙  Bank Partner: Mary Johnson, Mansfield Bank

“Mansfield is where my family and I live, and where my kids go to school. Buying this building and moving the boutique here is an investment in my community.”
– Leaf Shea, Owner



After 23 years in Brookline, Leaf Shea has moved Leaf Boutique to her hometown of Mansfield, MA. Stocking handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, and boho-chic clothing for all styles, the business prides itself on a more personalized shopping experience. Leaf aims to provide her clients with outfits and accessories they know they won’t find anywhere else.


In addition to moving into a larger, more vibrant space and generating new jobs in her hometown, the relocation has allowed Leaf to expand her product line to include shoes. One brand that has been particularly popular with her customers is Fly London—a comfortable, high-quality boot from Canada and one of her best-selling new products. Other trendy brands offered at Leaf Boutique include Veronica M, Driftwood, and Mystree.

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