Brothers open new chiropractic office in Taunton

Taunton — The economy is still tough, but two brothers with a local chiropractic practice have made a significant investment in their collective future.
After nearly 12 years in Raynham’s Cojean Plaza at 575 South Street West, Darren Eaton, 46, and his 42-year-old brother Shawn have relocated their Eaton Chiropractic to 109 Dean St. in Taunton.
“We needed to expand,” said Darren Eaton, who got his chiropractic degree in 1994.

Eaton said this Thursday’s grand opening would have come much sooner had it not been for a fire he says spontaneously combusted in a rear room last August.

The cause, he said, were contractor’s rags soaked with staining fluid that had been left in the room.

Luckily, he said, new foam insulation prevented the fire from spreading into the walls and ceiling — so that it instead burned downward into the basement.

But, he said, “it set us back six months.”

It could have been much worse. Eaton said the fire had been smoldering for about 24 hours before a passing Taunton police officer happened to notice rising smoke.

The Eatons say they paid $250,000 for the building and real estate, located on the heavily traveled Dean Street, and since then have invested another $250,000 into renovations that include modern therapeutic massage rooms upstairs, and a series of numbered chiropractic rooms on the main floor.

The brothers said they refinanced their building to help pay for the elaborate renovations.

“We gutted the place twice,” Darren Eaton said.

They are also now looking for both a qualified acupuncturist and esthetician to add to their existing list of services, which include deep-tissue and Swedish massage, Reiki and reflexology.

For now, the business employs a total of seven people — including two full-time massage therapists who have a sub-contracting agreement for using space.

A shower in one of the massage rooms is equipped with a steam room and there are also plans to add a dry sauna room. Darren Eaton says they all contribute to cleansing the body of toxins.

Darren Eaton said he’s especially proud of new digital, x-ray equipment that forgoes chemicals and allows for a close-up look at a patient’s spine.

The brothers, who grew up in West Bridgewater, teamed up in 2000 when they purchased the former Helmer Chiropractic office in Raynham.

Prior to that they both worked as associates for other practices — Darren in Seattle and Shawn in Methuen.

Darren Eaton lives with his wife and son in Berkley, while his younger brother resides with his wife and daughter in South Easton.

Originally built in 1900 as a private home, the 109 Dean St. building was later converted into professional office space.

Its previous tenant, former attorney Craig J. Martin, became the subject of scrutiny in 2010 when he acknowledged a misappropriation of $670,000 in client funds during real estate transactions.

Martin subsequently submitted an affidavit to the state Board of Bar Overseers stating his desire to resign from his profession.

The Eatons say they at one point considered buying a private home on South Street West, situated behind the Route 44 Benny’s store. But the visibility and access to traffic convinced them instead to relocate to Dean Street.

Darren Eaton said he’s also interested in working out an agreement with former Cojean Plaza neighbor Robert Burton, owner of Bright Morning Star Center for Healing.

He says he plans to purchase skin and herbal supplement products from Burton for his new office.

Eaton said the tough economy during the past few years has resulted in many patients either decreasing, or even ceasing, office visits once they’re convinced their problem has been remedied.

But he said he’s not concerned about any shortage of clients: “Everybody has a spine,” he said.

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